Being PFC-free, and PFOA-free offers more than helping the environment: it improves your own health and safety

There is more to health than what we eat and drink, how we lead our lives, how much exercise we get and receiving regular medical care. We just don't think of the other important element: what clothes we wear. But, the evidence is clear.  

If our clothes contains carcinogens... perhaps some of that enters our bodies through our skin. Then what? Moreover - why do this? Is it worth exposing ourselves to carcinogens to have oil-repellent clothing? Why drink purified water if our clothes are leaching chemicals and carcinogens into our bloodstream? Even C6-treated apparel has a detectable amount of PFOA in it.

There must be a better way. The GTT Evergreen™ treatment works betterthan perfluorocarbon treatments, lasts longer and has NO carcinogens. None. Isn't that a better way?  

This is especially true for athletic clothing. Sweat acts like a conduit to bring contaminants, including PFOA - a proven carcinogen - from our clothing and through the skin. In fact, a recent medical study sponsored by the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) says that dermal penetration of PFOA is a "significant route of exposure" - even for human skin.  (See the J. of Toxicology and Environmental Health A, 75(1), pp 50-62, 2012.)

Wouldn't it actually make more sense to use a non-fluorocarbon finish on ALL clothing? Doing so helps the environment - and your own health.