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Environmentally-friendly fabric finishing: cost-competititive, safe, extremely durable, simple to implement.

We are committed to the use of safe chemicals, outstanding customer service and the best quality treatment for textile finishing!

What sets us apart:

  • Better performance than fluorocarbon finishing!
  • Environmentally-friendly, non-fluorocarbon formula
  • Superb laundry durable: no degradation seen even after 100 wash/dry cycles 
  • Dry Process: water-free formula
  • Cost-effective, pre-mixed, proprietary mixture
  • Low chemical cost, low capital cost



Super-hydrophobic treatment on polyester fleece - stays super-hydrophobic even after 100 wash/dry cycles - without fluorocarbons and not even a trace of PFOA!

Our AquaVent™ treatment technology infuses into the fabric a mix of natural and synthetic solid-phase chemical monomers, cross-linkers, adhesion agents and polymerization initiators to produce a unique, polymeric treatment with unsurpassed laundry durability - all without the use of fluorocarbons, hazardous chemicals or VOC solvents.  The result is a new fabric treatment technology that is low cost, simple to use, environmentally-benign and high performance.

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Please contact us at +1-505-359-5806 or use our Skype button. We are ready to take on your most demanding projects.

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