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The GTT Business Model:

Textile Finishing Innovation at its best... aided by our commercialization partners and working in concert with our customers.

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The GTT Business Model is clean and simple:


1. We INNOVATE: we invent new process technology to meet the needs of the customer. That can be non-fluorocarbon finishing, it can non-hazardous flame retardency treatment, or it can a new medical bandage treatment. Imagine it... and we can make it happen. Patenting the new technology provides product differentiation for our customers and protects our commercialization partners.


2. We DEVELOP and IMPROVE that process treatment: to make it cost effective, scalable and customer/mill friendly. That means testing scale-up methods to lower production costs - all part of making the technology exceed the customer's requirements and imagination...


3. We COMMERCIALIZE the technology: by working with our CUSTOMERS and our PARTNERS: equipment partners, chemical supply partners and the designers or manufacturers. The result is new technology brought to the marketplace - for the benefit of the customer, the consumer and for all involved in the technology.


4. AFTER COMMERCIALIZATION: GTT provides quality control, aid in implementing the new technology by providing training, and, of course, by continuous improvement.

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