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GTT Company Philosophy and History


The original atmospheric pressure plasma jet developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory and invented by Dr. Selwyn in 1996.  This earned an R&D 100 award in 1999.

Company History: Reinventing and Revolutionizing Textile Finishing


Green Theme Technologies Inc is Dr. Selwyn's third entrepreneurial venture. The company's mission and philosophy comes from his experience with his second entrepreneurial venture, APJET, Inc., which used the atmospheric pressure plasma technology he invented while at Los Alamos National Laboratory. The technology was attractive because it was a means for dry finishing. However, the rapidly escalating cost of helium combined with the decreasing supply of helium, which was required for the plasma, made this approach complicated and expensive: it had high operational cost and high capital equipment cost.


In late 2011, Selwyn and APJET went separate ways. He sold-off his APJET stock and resigned from the Board. The funds from this stock sale were combined with other investor funds to launch GTT and to develop and patent the GTT thermal dry textile finishing technology. 


The basis of the GTT technology was to provide a more cost-effective approach that would provide the benefits of plasma finishing without its high capital and operational cost. It became known as the ChemStik® technology because of its physical resemblance to a deodorant stick. In July, 2014, the ChemStik® technology earned a prestigious R&D 100 Award for GTT.  In November, 2014, the GTT was awarded first prize as the most innovative small company by the WTIN Future Materials Award.  


Unlike the plasma finishing technology Selwyn had previously developed, the ChemStik® technology could be cured by thermal or plasma curing equipment. To make dry finishing more cost-effective, GTT focused primarily on the thermal dry curing technology.


This approach provides the customer with much flexibility and many added benefits. The ChemStik® technology provides the customer with a complete finishing recipe: it can even be used for fabric dyeing during the finishing process. The use of high molecular weight monomers and comonomers in the ChemStik­® composition enables the resultant polymer to permanently bond to the fabric - creating better laundry durability than was previously thought possible! Because it is a "dry" technology, there is little waste. With no waste stream and the use of safe chemicals, the treatment is environmentally-benign. 


In the brief, three and a half year history of GTT, enormous progress has been made! The ChemStik® technology is easy to implement at any commercial textile mill and does not require expensive equipment or mill redesign.


In July, 2014, GTT relocated to a larger production facility in the Broadbent business park of Albuquerque. This new facility will be used for full-width, fabric finishing treatment, as well as new product and process development. 


GTT is currently licensing equipment suppliers to provide the unique, dry finishing equipment.  Soon, wel also expect to have a commission finisher set up for long and short runs of full width fabric using this novel technology. 


ChemStik® is a US registered trademark of Green Theme Technologies Inc.

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