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Water-Repellent Finishing


GTT's signature product is its hydrocarbon-based, ChemStik® formulation for high-performance, water-repellent finishing of textiles and nonwovens. This fluorocarbon-free formulation consists of alkyl monomers and cross-linkers, proprietary water-shedding agents and polymerization initiators. It is environmentally-friendly and is a "dry" finishing technology.


This treatment provides lifetime laundry-durability for synthetic fabrics, yet it feels as soft and comfortable as many fluorocarbon-based C8-treated fabrics - but without any possibility of carcinogenic PFOA. We have applied this treatment on many different applications and fabrics. Oils will penetrate the hydrocarbon-based finish, but may be easily removed by routine laundry: don't worry - the permanence of the treatment means you can wash a treated fabric as much as needed without washing out the treatment! 


The dry finishing technology used for this water-repellent finish is described at length in this website. We invite you, the customer, to try it and see how it works for you!


In addition, water-repellent finishing (as opposed to fluorocarbon-finishing) has better stain release properties than oleophobic treatments. That means normal laundry cleaning simply works better on fabric having a hydrophobic, PFC-free finish. 


If oil repellency is really needed - try one of our oleophobic treatments. But remember - it doesn't rain hexane - or salad dressing!

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