Finishing Treatments:

  • Dying

  • Hydrophobic and Super-hydrophobic

  • Hydrophilic

  • Oleophobic

  • Wrinkle-resistant

  • Flame Resistant (FR)

  • UV-absorbing

  • Anti-microbial and anti-fungal

  • Cosmetic polymeric treatments

  • Chemical treatment for forensic detection (anti-counterfeiting)


  • Cotton, cotton/poly, NyCo

  • Polyester, poly/Lycra

  • Nylon, nylon/Spandex

  • Wool, wool blends

  • Silk

  • Aramids, both p-aramid and m-aramid

  • Tencel

  • Acrylic

  • Polypropylene

  • Nonwoven PP and PET


  • Apparel:

    • performance

    • luxury apparel

    • workwear

    • protective apparel

  • Membrane-based water-proof outdoor apparel

  • Home Furnishings

  • Hospitality Textiles

  • Technical Textiles

  • Military Textiles

  • Upholstery

  • Tents, backpacks and sleeping bags

  • Awnings, umbrellas and outdoor furniture

  • Automotive and other transportation fabrics

  • Non-wovens

  • Paper


GTT's signature product is its hydrocarbon-based, ChemStik® formulation for high-performance, water-repellent finishing of textiles and nonwovens. This fluorocarbon-free formulation consists of alkyl monomers and cross-linkers, proprietary water-shedding agents and polymerization initiators. It is environmentally-friendly and is a "dry" finishing technology.

 This treatment provides lifetime laundry-durability for synthetic fabrics, yet it feels as soft and comfortable as many fluorocarbon-based C8-treated fabrics - but without any possibility of carcinogenic PFOA. We have applied this treatment on many different applications and fabrics. Oils will penetrate the hydrocarbon-based finish, but may be easily removed by routine laundry: don't worry - the permanence of the treatment means you can wash a treated fabric as much as needed without washing out the treatment! 

In addition, water-repellent finishing (as opposed to fluorocarbon-finishing) has better stain release properties than oleophobic treatments. That means normal laundry cleaning simply works better on fabric having a hydrophobic, PFC-free finish. 

If oil repellency is really needed - try one of our oleophobic treatments. But remember - it doesn't rain hexane - or salad dressing!


Having lost the industry staple, "C8" fluorocarbon, there are now any number of other approaches to oleophobic (oil-repellent) fabric finishing. Many are far inferior to C8, and there is much general confusion as to which to use.

The key is to know where you want to go - and then to take the right road. If rain protection is needed and oil repellency just seems like a nice add-on... perhaps better results will be obtained using our hydrocarbon-based, Evergreen™ technology. Surprisingly, adding oleophobic protection can actually make water repellency worse!

GTT's approach is to match the technology to the customer need, rather than to make a "one-size fits all" chemistry. If the product is disposable, nonwoven hospital gowns intended for worker protection... perhaps an fluorocarbon-based C6 add-on treatment is sufficient. Contact us for details on how to obtain oleophobicity using our water-free finishing technology. 

All of our oleophobic treatments: 1) use our proprietary dry finishing technique, 2) are PFOA-free, 3) may be either thermally or plasma-cured, and 4) are also hydrophobic.