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Step 1: Chemical Application

Liquid coating (water-free) of the roll goods, finished apparel or footwear is the first step. 3 recommended application methods are shown below. 

Spray Coating is one option

Option 1: spray coating


Chemical coating of the fabric is easily done using commercial sprayers. This approach is inexpensive and provides reasonably good uniformity. Overspray causes some chemical loss. This approach is practical for widths as large as 2m or more. We use 5 spray heads for 1.8 m fabric width. Confinement of the spray zone is recommended. 

Gravure Coating is also an option

Option 2: Gravure Coating


Gravure coating provides a means for uniform application of a precise chemical coating. The liquid chemical is picked up by a rotating roller with a finely machined texture and the roller presses the chemical mixture into the fabric with variable pressure. Thus, the amount of depth penetration is variable, as is the applied chemical dosage. Gravure coating can be done on full width fabrics and on one or both sides at the same time. 

Option 3:  Water-free Padding


You don't need a picture of this:  padding is a third option.  For this the fabric is immersed in the ChemStik formulation and then is squeezed between nip rollers and/or vacuumed out to reduce the chemical loading.  


Padding tends to put too much chemical into the fabric, so an efficient vacuum removal method is needed to lower the chemical loading. 


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