What is the future for textiles and textile finishing?

The forecast is dry and sunny. The future is here today - for those who can see it. Like all else in life, those who see the future are those who will lead the future.

At Green Theme Technologies, we want to be your tour guide to the future. When exploring a new opportunity, it is best to choose a guide who knows the terrain best. We don't sell textile finishing equipment... and we don't sell textiles . but we do know all dry finishing technologies. We always keep the customer's needs and requirements first. 

Because we are the innovators in dry finishing technology, we fit technology to the product, not the other way around! We may be the ONLY independent developer of chemical technology for both plasma and thermal curing... but we are also the BEST. :) It is our technologyexperience and history that makes us your best choice for tour guide for the future... and for the present. Product differentiation, the highest performance and customer satisfaction is what you have to gain.