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3 August 2018

Albuquerque, NM USA


Green Theme Technologies Inc and Green Theme International PBC have merged, forming one company, Green Theme Technologies Inc (GTT) with its headquarters in Albuquerque, NM USA.  We welcome our 2-year collaborators and licensees at the former GTI PBC!

July 9, 2018

Albuquerque, New Mexico


Green Theme Technologies LLC becomes Green Theme Technologies Inc in preparation for its corporate expansion and further development.  Gary Selwyn becomes its Chief Executive Officer.  

25 June 2018

Pingzhen, Taiwan 


Green Theme International (Taiwan) puts into service two new "Generation 3" (G3) production pods.  These pods are 2x as fast, all stainless steel and are the latest generation of equipment designed for the AquaVent dry-finishing technology.  

20 June 2018

Washington, DC


The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has published a controversial 852 page review of health dangers from exposure to perfluoroalkyl substances (includes PFCs) and has reduced the maximum exposure level set by the EPA by 10x. Read the full report here.

15 June 2018

Salt Lake City, UT


Green Theme Technologies is pleased to announce that they have partnered with Black Diamond Equipment, an iconic outdoor performance brand specializing in climbing, skiing and mountain sports for their DWR finishing technology.  The full article may be read here or here.

22 May 2018

Vancouver, British Columbia 


Dr Selwyn will be speaking on Zero Discharge Dry Finishing at the Planet Textiles 2018 Conference on May 22, 2018.  For information on the conference, please click here.

9 April 2018

Gear Patrol Magazine


We are pleased to announce that Gear Patrol Magazine has selected the Marmot EvoDry jacket as the best waterproofing product of 2018. The Evo Dry product is made using the Green Theme International (GTI) dry finishing technology and is also fluorocarbon and fluorine-free.  GTI is the exclusive licensee for GTT in the footwear and apparel market segments.  Good job, GTI!


To see the article click here.

22 March 2018

Washington State


Washington Gov. Jay Inslee signed the first state law to ban toxic fluorinated chemicals in food packaging, such as microwave popcorn bags, pizza boxes and fast-food wrappers. The ban – conditioned on the state identifying a safer alternative – is a major defeat for the chemical and packaging industries, which have quashed similar proposed bans in other states.


To read the full article, please click here.

27 February 2018

Washington, DC


Green Theme Technologies LLC has been awarded with an issued patent for its proprietary, high-pressure finishing technology.


This makes for an additional, issued patent to the GTT Intellectual Property Portfolio. 

February 20, 2018

Minneapolis, MN


Minneapolis and 3M reach $850M settlement, ending $5B water pollution lawsuit. The settlement ended what would have been one of the biggest environmental lawsuits in U.S. history. The 8-year-old lawsuit — filed by the attorney general and the commissioners of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources — charged 3M with damaging the environment by releasing chemicals into groundwater of Washington County. 3M made the perfluorochemicals, or PFCs, in its plant in Cottage Grove.


For the full story, please click here.

25 January 2018

Denver, CO

Outdoor Retailer Snow Show


Marmot Mountain proudly displays the GTI finished product, Evo Dry outerwear at their exhibit booth.  Shown here is the inventor of the GTI technology used on the Evo Dry products, Dr. Gary Selwyn.

23 January 2018

Denver, CO


GTT is pleased to announce its first commercial product release, the EVODry rainwear collection, sold by Marmot Mountain Works with fabric finished by its exclusive licensee, Green Theme International (GTI). The EVODry rainwear collection features a revolutionary, new fluorocarbon-free finishing technology that requires no water, no hazardous chemicals and which is eco-certified by the Oeko-Tex Eco-Passport standard.  The EVODry rainwear collection is sold at REI stores nationwide and provides the highest performance in waterproof, breathable apparel.  For more information, please click here.

3 January 2018

Albuquerque, New Mexico


GTT and GTI are pleased to announce that they now have the Eco-Passport certification for chemical safety and integrity.  This certifies that the ChemStik chemistry is free of hazardous substances as well as being fluorocarbon-free.  The Eco-Passport certification also proves the chemistry is compatible with REACH, Calif. Proposition 65 and all other major chemical restricted substance lists (RSL). 

17 October 2017

Washington, DC


Green Theme Technologies LLC is pleased to announce that its proprietary chemical formulation has been granted a US Utility Patent. 

18 September 2017

Taipei, Taiwan


Dr. Selwyn gave an invited presentation at the ICAC Conference, "PFC-free, water-free, high performance finishing of textiles: a path to sustainability". The same presentation was also presented by Martin Flora, CEO of GTI at the Titas Trade Show in Taipei, on October 17, 2017.

July, 2017

Taoyuan, Taiwan


GTI opens its water-free textile finishing facility - the first in the world - in Taoyuan, Taiwan and begins operations.  The company begins production on its first commercial, branded order for Spring 2018 retail delivery. 

7 April, 2017

From EcoTextile News:

Research raises questions over short chain PFCs

Written by Brett Mathews


CALIFORNIA – US researchers have released study findings which indicate that short-chain fluorinated chemicals actually accumulate in the body for longer – and at higher concentrations – than their long-chain counterparts. The findings come at a time when many apparel brands, particularly those in the outdoor sector, are shifting away from long-chain (C8) chemistry and towards short-chain (C6, C4) alternatives in their fluorinated repellents on the basis that the latter represents a more environmentally benign option.

In the study, three types of fluorinated chemicals, two short-chain compounds and one long-chain, were radio-labelled and injected into mice. By following the radiolabels with a standard nuclear medical technique, the researchers could then identify which of the three chemicals was found in which organ and at what levels. These chemicals were found to migrate in the liver, stomach, leg bone, lungs, kidney, heart, skin, muscle, brain and other organs of mice after injection of the very high dose of radio-labelled chemicals.

All three types of PFAS compounds were found to bind to blood and to be transported to every mouse organ studied. “What was unexpected was that the safe short chain alternatives were found in higher levels in about half of the organs studied than the phased-out long chains,” says a note from the US-based Green Science Policy Institute. “This paper supports previous work from a Spanish research group that found short-chain PFAS chemicals in a variety of organs in human autopsy tissue.

“The results of the research were surprising, and have potential human health implications far beyond this initial study.”

Dr. Graham Peaslee, a co-author on the study from the University of Notre Dame, claimed the results call into question the safety of alternative shorter-chain PFAS compounds being used in consumer goods. 

The research findings look likely to sound a further death-knell for the fluorinated chemistry industry and increase calls for a ban on the use of such chemistry in the European Union. However, with regards the use of fluorinated repellent coatings used in the apparel industry it is implausible that the high levels of fluorinated chemicals that the mice were subjected to, would ever be replicated by simply wearing a garment with a PFC-based coating – be it C8 or C6 chemistry.

Dose is an important factor that cannot be ignored.

However, Dr Arlene Blum of UC Berkeley and the Green Science Policy Institute noted: “Highly fluorinated chemicals—also known as PFASs or PFCs—are used to give water-repellent, stain-resistant, and non-stick properties to consumer products such as carpets, outdoor gear, clothing, cosmetics, cookware, and food packaging. We should ask whether we really need fluorinated materials in products with (any) human exposure.” 


20 January 2017

Somewhere in Asia


GTT is pleased to announce that it has successfully demonstrated its first Beta Machine at a customer location somewhere in Asia.  Approximately 170 Kg of textile fabric was run with excellent success, clearing the way for commercialization through its partnership with Green Theme International PBC (GTI).

7 November 2016

Albuquerque, New Mexico


Green Theme Technologies is pleased to announce that it is now treating athletic shoe uppers with its PFC-free, water-free and high pressure dry finishing technology.  


This provides unique capability now available anywhere else or by any other finishing technology. 


Please see the video below:

31 October, 2017

Albuquerque, New Mexico


Green Theme Technologies is pleased to announce that its PFC-free, water-free finishing technology is well-"suited" (pardon the pun...) for treatment of fine, worsted wool.  


With this technology, a business suit for both men and women also become a raincoat! 


Please see the video below:

17 October, 2016

Taipei, Taiwan


Green Theme Technologies (GTT) and Green Theme International (GTI) exhibit together at the Titas Textile show in Taipei, Taiwan, Oct 17-19, 2016 together with our mill production partners. 

Portland, OR

2 August 2016


We welcome our marketing and sales partners, Green Theme International, Inc!  Please view the new website at


For science dudes, and others who enjoy memorizing the first 20 digits in pi, this current website is where you want to be.  For all the rest of the world, please check out

In-House Full width treatment now operational

20 July 2016

Albuquerque, New Mexico 


GTT is pleased to announce that it has full width, high pressure, dry finishing capability in-house!  GTT can now finish fabrics up to 68" wide (1.7 m) and up to 100 yards long (91 m) at its own pilot plant in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Treatment can be done at up to 500 pounds per square inch (34.5 Bar or 3.4 MPa). Treatment can be done on one or both sides of the fabric by spraying, followed by thermal, high pressure, water-free curing.  

12-14 July, 2016

New York City, NY


GTT and GTI displaywd together with New Wide Textiles (Taiwan) at the Texworld Trade Show in NY, NY. For this display, GTT treated 4 fully-sewn, knitted hoodies, providing a permanent, DWR treatment that is PFC-free, water-free and solvent-free and has permanent laundry durability!  The ability to treat fully-finished garments is one of the unique properties of the GTT techology. The garments below were cured at 450 psi pressure, about 31 Bar.  

14 June 2016

Green Chemistry Conference, Portland, OR


Dr. Selwyn presented a talk at the American Chemical Society Conference on Green Chemistry and Engineering in Portland, OR.  The title of the talk was, "Permanent, perfluorocarbon-free, water-free, finishing of textiles and footwear".  


To download a copy of the abstract, please click the link below.  

GC&E Abstract
Presentation abstract for the ACS Meeting on Green Chemistry: Apparel and Footwear innovation.
ACS_GTT abstract.docx
Microsoft Word document [13.1 KB]

11 May 2016


Green Theme Technologies is in the news!


Advanced Textiles Source article on Green Theme Technologies new hyper-baric finishing technology.


Full Width Pressure Pod

11 April 2016


Full-width, high pressure, dry finishing capability at GTT


GTT is proud to announce that it now has added capability for finishing of full width fabric at high pressure using its proprietary, water-free, fluorocarbon-free finishing technology. The pressure pod shown in the photo consists of 1 cm thick steel and is ASME certified for operation up to 500 psi = 35 Bar = 3.5 MPa. The unit weighs about 500 lbs = 227 Kg. The pressure pod can handle rolls of treated fabric up to 68"= 1.7 m width and up to 91 m long.  


GTT has shown that high pressure dry curing provides performance benefits well beyond wet finishing and atmospheric plasma finishing. High pressure technology is especially well suited for thick fabrics, such as fleece, membrane fabrics and nonwovens and provides the highest possible performance for sports apparel, upholstery and outdoor fabrics.  

19 March 2016


Invited Presentation at TCL 2016 Conference, Prague, Czech Republic


Dr Selwyn gave an invited talk on the GTT high pressure, dry finishing technology at the Conference on Textile Coating and Lamination (TCL 2016) from March 16-17, 2016 at the Novotel Hotel, Prague, Czech Republic.The conference was attended by about 130 people. He also chaired an afternoon session at the conference. 


If you are intersted in a copy of his presentation, please contact us.

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil

2 February 2016

C6, C8 and See No Evil


Linkedin post by Gary Selwyn about PFCs (perfluorinated chemicals) in textiles and nonwovens and the dangers therein, based partially on the Greenpeace studies.  To read the article, please click here.

PFCs are found even in the in the great outdoors!

25 January 2016

Greenpeace slams major outdoor apparel brands


Greenpeace collected 40 products from major outdoor apparel brands, including bags, jackets, trousers, tents and sleeping bags and sent them to an independent laboratory for analysis.


All but four of the products were found to contain PFCs. And 18 of the products contained the more harmful and persistent long-chain PFCs, which most of the tested brands have stated they no longer use. To read the article, click here

This demonstrates that even products produced after the C8 fluorocarbon ban are still found with PFC, including C8-type PFCs.

GTT has the best performing PFC-free DWR treatment, making the use of PFCs unnecessary.

15 November 2015


High Pressure, Water-Free Finishing Talk 


Dr. Selwyn will give an invited talk at the 2016 International Conference on Textile Coating and Lamination (TCL 2016) in Prague, Czech Republic, being held at the Hotel Novotel Prague, Wenceslas Square, from 16-17 March, 2016. 


The title of his talk is, "Hyperbaric dry finishing technology for sustainability combined with high-performance".  For a copy of the abstract, please click here.


The conference website can be reached here.

5 October 2015


Collaboration Agreement with University of Ghent


GTT is pleased to announce that it has entered into a collaboration agreement with the The University of Ghent, in Ghent, Belgium, for hydrophobic treatment of wood using GTT's chemical formulation.  

25 September 2015


GTT announces partnership with Green Textile Machine



GTT is pleased to announce a non-exclusive partnership with Green Textile Machine LLC for sales and service of textile equipment for GTT's proprietary dry finishing technology inside the US and Canada. For other customers,GTM will collaborate with other textile equipment companies for the benefit of the customer. Please see the GTM website at

August 1, 2015


GTT Technology Breakthrough:  Hyper- Baric Dry Finishing!


GTT is excited to announce that it has ushered in a new era of dry finishing: high pressure finishing technology. Further expanding its lead in dry finishing, GTT has developed and is commercializing its proprietary hyper-baric dry finishing technology. This process technology is ideally suited for tightly woven or knitted fabric and technical textiles in which the highest water repellency performance is needed - and without perfluorinated chemicals. As in the standard GTT approach, the ChemStik­® treatment is applied to the fabric at room temperature. The coated fabric is then placed into a "Pod", a pressure vessel, where it is pressurized to 10-25 Bar. This "pushes" the coating in between fibers (even for tightly spun fibers). Then, the Pod is heated to thermally cure the coating, ensuring that the polymer stays in place even when the pressure is released. This process is environmentally-friendly, as no gases or waste chemical is released. The low cost of a Pod and the capacity of a Pod to hold hundreds of yards of coated fabric means that the mill throughput is unaffected by this continuous batch process and the capital equipment cost remains low. It also frees up the stenter. Further details to be coming. 


February 5, 2015


New technology makes sustainable fabric finishing possible.


See the article

January 26, 2015


Dr. Selwyn will give an invited talk on the use of the ChemStik dry finishing technology at the INDA RISE 2015 conference in Miami on February 10, 2015. 

December 22, 2014


"The Modern Day Philosopher's Stone"


Is it magical chemistry or Alchemy? How does Dry Thermal Finishing compare to Plasma Finishing and Wet Finishing? Read all about it in our article in Advanced Textiles Source! This is sure to change some views on traditional finishing...

November 26, 2014



Green Theme Technologies LLC is the WINNER of the "Most Innovative Small Company" category in the Future Materials Award Competition, Dresden, Germany.  

Winner: Green Theme Technologies LLC

“Green Theme Technologies is providing a new environmentally friendly technology that has a broad scope of application for many industries. Its initial and measurable commercial results suggest the outstanding potential for this material process innovation.”

November 4, 2014


Dr Selwyn gave an invited talk on the ChemStik® technology at the TCL 2014 conference in Cannes, France.  The meeting was attended by about 100 participants from Europe, N. America and Asia.

October 3, 2014


GTT founder and president, Gary Selwyn, has been invited to speak at the INDA-sponsored RISE 2015 technical conference in Miami, FL on Feb. 11, 2015. More details will be provided at a later date. 

To see information about RISE 2015, please click here.


September 16, 2014


Green Theme Technologies LLC has been selected as an award finalist in two categories for the 2014 Future Materials Award sponsored by the World Textile Information Network (WTIN). The two categories are:

1) Most Innovative Small Company

2) Best Innovation: Sustainable Textiles, Process

To see the list of finalists, please click here.  

September 8, 2014


Article on Green Theme Technologies in the IFAI Advanced Textiles Source.

Read here.


July 11, 2014


R&D 100 Award


Green Theme Technologies LLC announces that it has been honored as an 2014 award winner of the prestigious, international R&D 100 Award - an achievement provided to the 100 most significant technologies developed worldwide in the past year. The award is for the development of the ChemStik® environmentally-friendly, nonfluorocarbon, finishing technology for use on performance apparel.  


To see the award description and photo, please click here.


We proudly share the R&D 100 Award distinction with other major corporate R&D laboratories and with some of the top R&D facilities in the world. Click here for a list of all the 2014 R&D 100 Award winners.


For Dr. Selwyn, founder of GTT, it is his third such R&D 100 Award.

August 30, 2014


Green Theme Technologies LLC is pleased to announce that it has executed a chemical supply agreement with ChemCeed, Inc., a full service, woman-owned and minority-owned worldwide chemical supplier and blender headquartered in Chippewa Falls, WI. ChemCeed will supply chemical production-volume quantities of GTT's award-winning ChemStick® dry finishing for GTT customers.

July 1, 2014:


Green Theme Technologies LLC is pleased to announce that it has officially moved into its new production and development facility at 2815 Broadbent Parkway NE, Suite F, Albuquerque, NM 87107. This 3600 ft2 (335 m2) facility has sufficient space and operational capability to meet our growing needs!


Cannes, France

June, 2014:

Dr Gary Selwyn, GTT Founder and President, will give an invited talk at the 2014 Conference on Textile Coating and Lamination (TCL 2014) to be held Nov 4-5, 2014 in Cannes, France. 


Click here to see the TCL 2014 technical program. 


The title of the talk is, "The Other Dry Finishing Technique".  Click the link below to see an unofficial abstract of the talk.  

GTT: Cannes, France (TCL 2014) Abstract
The Other Dry Finishing.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [174.3 KB]

Connections Magazine, May 2014:


For the story on GTT, see pages 45-46.  For the digital link, click here or click the magazine below.

The BioScience Center news blog,


January, 2014

Dr. Selwyn showing the GTT technology to New Mexico Senator Tom Udall at the GTT development laboratory in Albuquerque. 


August, 2013

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