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The Advantages of the GTT Finishing Technology

The unique, GTT ChemStik­® finishing technology offers unique benefits for the apparel brands, the textile manufacturers, and for the individual who purchases performance apparel and footwear. And of course, to Planet Earth.


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For the Apparel brand and textile manufacturer, our hydrophobic treatment on fabric and footwear benefits you because:


It works better for water repellency than the conventional C6 or C8 (PFC-based) wet finishing process! Plus:

  • The total operational cost is competitive with "wet" finishing cost;
  • It uses no fluorocarbons or PFCs (perfluorocarbons), meaning the technology of the future is available today;
  • It is "dry", meaning there is less water consumption, less water cost and almost no waste stream;

For the End-user, our treatment benefits you because:

  • Your clothes hold up better to laundry cleaning due to the unique GTT chemistry and application method. This means your clothing lasts longer, look fresher and the treatment lasts longer!
  • You can play sports on a wet or snowy field without having wet feet...
  • You are not unintentionally wearing carcinogenic fluorocarbons;
  • You will see a significant performance improvement in the durable water-repellent treatment (DWR) of your treated apparel and other DWR-treated products.  Unlike other DWR treatments, this one actually lasts the life of the garment!
  • You live on Planet Earth.


For Planet Earth, our treatment benefits you because:

  • Our finishing treatments are "green" and carcinogen-free;
  • Our application method results in nearly no waste or waste stream, uses nearly no water and is energy efficient;
  • It does not contribute to the ever-increasing use of hazardous and nonbiodegradable chemicals;
  • Our finishing treatment is recyclable, and may even be re-applied onto finished garments, so it is sustainable. 

ChemStik® is a registered trademark of Green Theme Technologies LLC

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