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Counterfeit Detection 

Having a successful brand takes hard work, time and money.  Consumer confidence is built upon the quality and performance of the brand. 


That also makes the branded product vulnerable to counterfeiting - unscrupulous sellers using your brand name on their shoddy product... That reduces the brand quality and also represents income lost to the counterfeiter. 


Counterfeit products affect almost every industry and textiles are no exception. The annual loss due to counterfeit products is estimated to be over a half trillion dollars


The GTT dry finish is designed to help brand manufacturers easily detect counterfeiters.  We may not be able to stop counterfeiters, but we can help brand manufacturers to easily detect a counterfeit product at the dock, on the rack at a retail store, or through a product return. 


This is available for both fabric and footwear and is based upon the unique capabilities of the GTT technology. We can't say here how that is done, but counterfeiters should worry about the GTT technology and how it can be used to stop their illegal trade! 


Contact us for details. 

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