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What does "PFOA-free" mean?

PFOA = perfluorooctyl acid, a known carcinogen. PFOS = perfluorooctanesulfonic acid.

Now, I thought you said your treatment was C8-free!

We hear a lot of claims about textile treatments being "C8" Free... or PFOA-Free or maybe just "environmentally-friendly"... But what does this mean?  


Textiles finished using fluorocarbon-based chemistry have been shown to contain carcinogens. Therefore certain fluorocarbon treatments are being phased out. "C6" is often used as a substitute for the banned "C8" treatment, but this too is also suspect, and may eventually also be banned. This is because certain fluorocarbons are chemically similar to known carcinogens, such as PFOA or PFOS.  The chemical structure of C8 and PFOA is shown below.


Most "C6" fluorocarbon treatment still has certain amounts of C8 in it - and therefore also has PFOA, a known carcinogen. Some use perfluorinated long chain alcohols (perfluorotelomer alcohols) - do you want that against your skin? Would you apply a skin moisturizer that contained a carcinogen? All banned fluorocarbons are harmful. In fact, many scientists believe that C6 is not much better than C8.  It is for this reason that chemical manufacturers are struggling to produce PFC-free products.


Our Evergreen dry process technology does not use fluorocarbons, perfluorocarbons or banned chemicals to provide an even better, high quality finish than what is currently available - and yet does not cost more. Just another reason why the future in textile finishing is green!


At GTT, when we say "Fluorocarbon-Free", we mean there are NO FLUOROCARBONS in our treatment. Period. When we say "Environmentally-Friendly", we mean our treatment does NOT HARM the Environment. When we say "PFOA-free", we mean it is IMPOSSIBLE to have PFOA in our treatment because our treatment is perfluorocarbon-free.  


To all the others, have a look at your nose while you make your claims!


C8 acrylate monomer
A known carcinogen
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