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QA Control

Branded products produced by outside suppliers often vary in quality control - despite the best efforts of the product brand. 


There are operational issues for that - such as cross contamination in finishing baths and variations in chemical pickup with use during manufacturing.


Vendors may also look for increase their margin by skimping on chemicals added to the wet bath... diluting the product quality, while also reducing their operating cost. 


In their case, the branded product suffers and consumers see the difference in quality, but don't realize that it is not brand skimping on the treatment - it is just the vendor for the brand. 


Here, GTT's dry finishing can make a huge difference.  After all, how is it possible for a vendor to dilute the product, when there is no dilution that occurs in dry finishing? Plus, because fresh product is constantly applied to the fabric, wet bath exhaustion, cross contamination and product precipitation can not occur.


The result: better product quality and consistency and better brand protection.   

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