Water is pure, it’s clean and it’s life-sustaining.  But there’s a growing problem with water pollution and most people don’t know about it.

The cause of much of the world’s dirty water is hanging in our closets.


The textile industry is quietly polluting trillions of liters of water every year, making it the second largest polluter in the world.

The solution for the textile industry to stop polluting water is to take water out of the process.

There are more than seven billion people on this planet wearing and buying clothing.  The textile industry continues to pollute water at an unsustainable rate and we continue to use water because there is no better alternative.

Using Clean Chemistry™, GREEN THEME TECHNOLOGIES, INC. has developed a process that permanently bonds finishes to fibers–all without using a single drop of water or releasing any hazardous discharge.

Our first GT process is a fluorine-free HDF™ (High Definition Finish) treatment that outperforms previous water repellent finishes (including C6 and C8).  The GT process provides a versatile platform for additional anti-odor, anti-bug, anti-microbial and fire resistant finishes.


The GT breakthrough process uses a combination of heat and pressure to crosslink finishes with each individual fiber. Unlike other finishes, we are not washing chemicals onto the surface of a fabric that can easily wash off. Our GT process actually becomes part of the fabric. The lasting wash and wear durability means that once it’s applied to a fabric, it won't wash out or wear off.

Our innovation uses no water, produces no hazardous discharge, no waste, no off-gassing, and is non-toxic. We can now combine functional features to fabrics for different industries that were previously impossible using historic water-based finishes.



Athletic wear no longer lives in a sweaty pile inside of a gym bag or locker. Workout gear can be everyday wear when odor-blocking and anti-microbial finishes perform wash after wash after wash.



Outdoor gear has come a long way in the last decade. GTI now provides the only long lasting High Definition Finish (HDF) that effectively blocks out rainfall without a membrane.  Unlike DWR finishes, the HDF finish doesn't wash off after a couple of washes or hikes in the rain. 



Fashion is hard to define, but you know it when you see it. Our water-free, non-toxic, waste-free finishes are something you can’t see, but could potentially save trillions of liters of water every year. That’s about as fashion forward as you can get.



On the job, safety is always a concern. From pants to jackets to work boots, our process permanently bonds fire resistant finishes to any material to keep you protected around open flames.   


For our first solution, we have our sights set on PFCs.

This is your opportunity to incorporate a completely green, fluorine-free solution that is permanent and will outperform every other DWR on the market while simultaneously improving the health of the planet. We’ll take care of the science, the rest is up to you.