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enlarged photo of water droplet showing superhydrophobicity Super-hydrophobicity - without fluorocarbons, without carcinogens - and without wet finishing

A revolutionary, new approach to textile and footwear finishing:


Water-free Finishing


If you want your clothes and your footwear to keep you dry - does it make sense to start by soaking them in water? 


If you want your expensive sports apparel to last wash after wash and stay as fresh and as good as new - would you buy a product that starts well but loses its repellency after only 5-10 washes? 


Our finishing treatment starts dry and stays dry... Wash after wash, after wash.  


Our safe finishing technology performs better than the fluorocarbons that are being banned - for your own health and safety by the end of 2015.  


We offer product and brand name differentiation and finishing process customization. 


We are revolutionizing the way textile finishing is done because it is our passion and our mission. We are the innovators in textile finishing. We think out of the box. Apparel brands, textile mills and technical textiles will never again be the same. Ditto for footwear. 

Shoes are courtesy of Vincent Van Gogh

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Learn: about dry finishing in "Water-Free Finishing Technology" and the new opportunity for water repellent, fluorocarbon-free finishing in "Hydrocarbon vs Fluorocarbon Finishing".


Discover the advantages offered by the GTT dry finishing technology and the science behind it in "What Makes the GTT Dry Finish Different". 


See videos of the GTT finishing advantage in performance in  "Performance: Proof!" and the extreme laundry durability in "Laundry Durability: Proof!".


What makes us tick?  Is in "About Us"


Keep up to date: in "What's New".  


Enjoy our wacky humor and photos...


Welcome to the Future and Enjoy the ride and our Youtube Videos.


Sometimes, change is good...


Our dry finishing technology is a WIN for EVERYONE:
The end consumer WINS... the textile manufacturer WINS...
the brand manufacturer also WINS.
We provide the INNOVATION that creates a WIN for all.

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